October 26, 2009

This blogging business..

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This blogging business has become quite intriguing…

I was more into reading masterpieces or at least literary works from known and unknown writers.  Diaries, biographies and letters of established literary figures and artists, trying to understand the workings of their minds after having read their novels, short stories or poems or seeing their works of art or listening to their music.. many of them long gone.. I never thought I’d be reading bits and pieces of current vibrant living young people’s diaries or looking forward to what, for instance, Gjoe has to say about the world, or anticipating Jessyz’ Friday fives or wanting to read the ramblings of someone’s disoriented mind or simply identifying with how someone’s day went by, delving into my friends’ inner selves and browsing and flipping new electronic pages hoping to discover a new talent here or there and being pleasantly surprised when I do.

My circle is still very small – like a small circle of virtual friends – and I have to admit that though I tried this google reader thing, I would opt for the regular browsing where I look forward to a new posting and I look at the designs of the different blogs and I read the comments.. I don’t merely want a list of new postings, I want the human element in a webpage if there is such a thing.  I like to check out young people’s blogs, especially Egyptians, and see how they think or what they like to write about.  I admire those with a political sense and a social responsibility, I admire those who manage to write regularly, those with many readers and followers, those who talk about a book or a film with passion..  those who have been in the blogging business for many years now.

I keep my distance, hoping I don’t get too addicted, too attached.. anticipating a flow of thoughts, and thinking about different ideas to express, trying to keep a sense of anonymity but at the same time, a desire to reveal the intricacies that make up my simple yet complex self, for only in revealing them can I begin to understand them.



  1. Blogs really are like a new virtual social circle. You make friends, dabble in new ideas and look into the worlds of other people’s minds. I use greader to get the headlines then click thru to see the blog and leave a comment. I also like following my favorite authors like Malcolm Gladwell, Paolo Coehelo and Neil Gaimen. I also follow them on twitter to see their realtime stream of thought. It really is a wonderful world

    Comment by jessyz — October 26, 2009 @ 10:44 am |Reply

  2. Thank you Jess!.. I just found this as i was checking The Guardian this morning.. you might be interested:

    Comment by AmiraAK — October 26, 2009 @ 11:02 am |Reply

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