October 21, 2009


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I need to focus.  I can’t focus.  Emails, blogs, reports, emails, chats, phonecalls, emails, a memo here, a letter there, someone else popping up wanting to chat, remembering to call someone, checking my other email accounts, no time for facebook, definitely no time for facebook. i need to read that report, minutes of a meeting, yet another phonecall, someone’s talking to me, i need coffee, emails again, i check my phone for missed calls, smses i only glanced at the past two days, an event at auc? i have to write it down before i forget, chatting, another paragraph to read before my 3 o’ clock meeting, freecell, i get another email, shouldn’t i be writing those minutes? close msn. God, what’s that pile on my desk? someone called me this morning and asked for something.. what was it?  someone’s talking to me and i have no idea what they’re saying, let me put my headphones on so i can drown out some sounds and try to concentrate, one song leads to another, let me check that website, hey that’s an interesting topic, one google search leads to another, another phonecall and more freecell, another email, wasn’t i supposed to write something down?  what about that report?  God, i didn’t read that report…..


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  1. lol, i’m going through the same thing all day.
    seems i’ll be closing all the applications other than the things that need to be done for tomorrow.

    hope you were able to write down that thing u were struggling to write :)

    Comment by ze2red — October 21, 2009 @ 8:34 pm |Reply

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