October 4, 2009

October 1st, 2009

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Stranded at Luxor airport and for the first time in my life, I have nothing to read!  I brought three books with me on this 3 day trip and I finished them all!!! Imagine that.  But I have to admit that reading those 3 books has been a huge accomplishment.  The first was Like Water for Chocolate – a book I have been wanting to read for the past 7 years or so.  I borrowed it from Raghda and no matter how many times I tried to return it, she always told me, ‘when you read it, give it back’.  I have been feeling guilty about it for a very long time.  I finally decided to read it and I finished it in three days.  The other book, Atyaf, I have regarded as my constant travel companion for the past year and a half if not more.  I take it with me on all my travels but only mange to complete a small portion of it.  Between yesterday and today, I finished it.  Actually, I think it was just today.  I have finally finally finished reading it!  The third book is a Spanish book I got from the library.  It’s about famous Spanish figures, including Monsterrat Caballé, Domingo, Almodóvar, some bullfighters, some rich and powerful people and many others.  I feel good to have read it.  Another accomplishment.  I got it at the beginning of the long Eid holiday to read then but didn’t get a chance to – I was watching too much television :)

I feel that this trip with its two hour drive from Luxor where I’m staying to the village in Qena where I have work, has been very good on all fronts.  I did lots of reading, I fasted and got a glimpse of what it’s like to fast in the summer in Upper Egypt.  I was lucky because I broke my fast in Luxor while sitting in a comfy hotel.. but I have to say that with the heat and the conditions of the villages over there, fasting is not an easy task.  I would return every day and rest till I ate and then lazily watched some TV and read.  It’s been a nice relaxing trip, albeit hard work and quite exhausting.

The trip was also beneficial on the TV level.  I watched a beautiful program on a luxury train that goes through different district, areas and villages in the north of Spain.  It’s called the Transcantabrico.  Passengers were mostly of retirement age and were enjoying the trip as a present from their children, or because of a special occasion or simply to try out the trip or to visit the different regions that the train passes through.  The landscapes were amazing and the little villages were beautiful.. they passed by Santiago de Compostela and it’s crazy how this has crossed my way so many times in the past months that I feel that I might soon go there.  Injy went recently, my professor is from there, this TV program, Brigitte mentioning it a few months ago… it’s almost uncanny how I have encountered this place all these times.  It reminds me of my car before I bought it.. I was seeing it everywhere and people were telling me to change my car.. people who hadn’t talked to me for ages or others who rode with me every day.. I felt that the whole universe was conspiring to make me buy my sweet Opel Corsa!

Another program I watched during this trip is one of Margaret Moss, CNN photographer/camerawoman and her life story.  It was inspiring; especially for me on this borderline trying to move out of the stability and luxuries I currently enjoy in my home country to a risky life in the humanitarian field.

With the delay of the plane, I also managed to listen to a few lessons of Spanish and laugh a little at the intricacies of the Pink Panther (the cartoon) trying to get out of the many mischievous situations he put himself in.

I’m glad I took this trip and even now, as I sit here at Luxor airport waiting for the delayed plane to be fixed, I feel good and I feel satisfied.


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