September 10, 2009

CSI: The Las Vegas Crime Lab

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Those who know me know that I’m an avid follower of crime scene investigation series, especially the original CSI: Las Vegas.  I follow the episodes religiously.  If I was ever travelling, I would ask (order!) my family to record the episode for me.  Later when our VCR stopped working and the wonderful world of downloading found its way to my doorstep, I didn’t worry too much about missing episodes, because I could download whatever I missed.  I still followed it religiously and would never watch episodes in advance of those shown on tv.  It was the reason I was a devoted Showtime subscriber as opposed to any other cable network because Showtime always screened the latest shows only months or even weeks after their release in the US.  Of course I follow most crime investigation shows, but CSI is my favourite.

I’ve followed it from the very beginning.  For the past, what 6, 7 years?  I watched the characters grow, lived with them, followed their successes and weaknesses, their ups and downs, leaving the show, returning to the show.  I watched Greg go into the field after working in the lab, I watched Catherine and her father, the big mobster and her trying to raise her daughter properly away from crime and from violence.. I followed Warrick and his gambling problem, but his dedication to the unit, the lab and the work that he does. His death was a big blow and the following episodes were very moving.  Nick, lovely guy..  and Hodges with his own crazy stroke of genius notion.. Doc and David… and the secondary characters Henry and Mandy and Wendy and others who have come and gone.. Captain Jim Brass, aggressive at first, but then learning to work closely with the lab and learn from them and help them catch the criminals; and Ecklie in one of the seasons trying to take over the lab.. but then softening up too and learning to work with, not against the night shift.

but closest to our hearts.. Sarah and Grissom.  Sarah’s whims and her thoughts and her contemplation of the whole purpose of solving crimes and going through what they go through.. she seems to be the most human of them all.  Grissom always calm, always informative, he always has something to add to the episodes, to the solving of the crimes, the scientist, the professor, always eager to know and to learn and to teach..  the protective father of the crime lab so to say.  He too has his weaknesses.

Today I was watching the series.. it’s the episode where Grissom leaves.  They prepared us for it last week.  I kind of knew he was leaving because I came across news that Lawrence Fishburne was joining the series instead of him. And then I saw one of the episodes with LF and without Grissom and I guessed but didn’t have the whole story until today.  He announced he was leaving last week and all the characters have approached him telling him how much they learnt from him and how much they were going to miss him.. all very courteous though.. no hugs, no tears.. everyone kind of ‘understanding’…

It’ll be hard to watch CSI without Grissom.  Most of the team is no longer on the show.. Sarah Sidle, Warrick Brown, now Grissom.. I feel sad.  I feel the lab is losing a great man and we’re going to miss a wonderful CSI :( But he was so sweet in the last couple of scenes.. walking through the lab and looking at everyone through the glass divisions.. and then going off to the jungle of Costa Rica to join Sarah.  A lovely human moment..

As much as I like many other crime shows, none compares to this one.


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