August 28, 2009

Random Thoughts

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From the window of our apartment, I can hear “Lissah Faker” and I just realized that it’s my favourite Um Kulthoum song.. it’s as if once I hear it, even if it’s far away in the distance somewhere, my whole being stops. I try to locate the music and the lyrics.. my ears stretch out and I enjoy the music tremendously.  I have to admit that the reason really is because of the Tunisian film Les Silences du Palais.  Hind Sabry’s captivating rendering of that song haunts me every time I hear it anywhere else.

I’m hooked on the PTP PIXStory riddle.  It’s a daily riddle where they show a picture and you have to mention what the picture is and give a little background information on it.  The more personal experience with the photo, the better.  I’m really enjoying it.  Every day I look forward to the new riddle – and to the winners of the previous day ;)  I’ve won three out of 5 riddles so far :D  a prize will be given to the person with the most correct answers.. so we’ll see.  We still have around 24 days to go ;)

I have my spanish exam of the 6th level in a few days.  I’ve been kind of stranded at home trying to study these past few days.  I feel I’m back in college and I have a deep feeling I’m not going to pass this time.  I was lucky with the 4th level and my teacher was extremely generous in the 5th level.  I might not be this lucky this time.  I am reciting verbs like a school child!  In all cases, I feel that even if I don’t pass, I really enjoyed this level.. I read, watched movies, watched the news on spanish tv, listened to some fairy tales on tape, I read my first “non-children’s book” in spanish and I learnt quite a lot of new words.  so it was cool.


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