August 20, 2009

El Sett at work..

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When a colleague of mine put up some Um Kulthoum mp3s on our work music folder, I thought how on earth could one listen to Um Kulthoum at work?  One needs to be in a place where one can concentrate kida and not be doing things so that one can enjoy and appreciate the voice of El Sett. 

The day is calm today and I have some things to write so I figured I’d try the ‘Um Kulthoum at work’ effect and it actually turned out to be quite pleasant – and quite productive believe it or not.  Akher rawa’a!  I’m pleasantly writing my reports.. swinging my head lightly to the music and the songs that I haven’t listened to in ages.. thoroughly enjoying the beauitful lyrics..

As I write this, and in the middle of Aghadan Alqaaq, my colleagues are back from meetings.. and my experience is totally ruined!  We’re back to a normal day at the office and as I had anticipated, Um Kulthoum doesn’t fit in at all.. the phonecalls, the voices, the noise of the traffic outside and the ambulances heading to Kasr El-Einy Hospital around the corner, the telephone ringing incessantly, the noise of each paper emerging from the printer right next to me, the people coming in and out and the mobile phones screeching on people’s desks.. 

Well.. it was good for as long as it lasted :)


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  1. Actually I used to love listening to el Set at work, just use good quality headphones and get lost in a different era.

    Comment by jessyz — August 22, 2009 @ 11:26 pm |Reply

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