June 17, 2009

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Sitting at Greco after an arduous day at work.  I have some editing jobs to do and though there were plans to go to the gym and to do some necessary shopping, and paying of bills, I chose to go to Greco, my favourite coffee place with my laptop to unwind, to smell the aroma of coffee and to finish the work I have at hand.

The music and the songs bring in nostalgic memories of times gone by.  Sweet times.. first love times, first outings, special concerts, times spent listening to newly purchased CDs at home, listening and pondering every word, every verse.. a time when music was bought from abroad, and every CD purchased had its own flavour and uniqueness.  Things were not downloaded as easily as they are now.  Everything had a meaning.  It was the era of letter-writing. Regular emails that had meaning.  Not just an insignificant word or two or a plethora of forwarded emails.  Even if the email contained one sentence, it was usually written with love and with care and thought; not absent-mindedly as a reply to hundreds of received messages every day.

It was a time of friendships and emotions.. I feel that now we know too many people, and we’re superficially in touch with too many people.  And yet, we’re really not to blame.  I can’t keep up with the weddings, the babies being born, the birthdays, the events, people coming and going.. I have over 450 friends on facebook.  If I met with one person every day, I would see my friends once a year at the most and I would have no time for myself nor for my family.  Many of my friends I want to see, truly, but I don’t have the time to.  Even phonecalls consume time.  I can only make one or two phonecalls a day to friends.. the call lasts for 20-45 minutes.  It’s a lot when you come to think of it.  By the end of the call, your ear hurts and when you come to think of it, when you finish work at 5 pm and get home or go to any activity or event or even simply go and buy groceries, and then you have a couple of half hour phonecalls, your day is over.  You barely have the time to get ready for bed or watch something on tv to distract your thoughts of the stress of the day and then you’re off to bed.

We hardly have time to read or to play sports or to simply go to the cinema and watch a film we long to watch.  What has become of us and the world we live in?

And how on earth did I get into this while I was simply sipping some good coffee and listening to some amazing songs?


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  1. Keeping up with friends keeps getting harder and harder. But then again good coffee, great music and some time alone is also a wonderful yet rare mix.

    Comment by jessyz — August 1, 2009 @ 3:25 pm |Reply

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