May 31, 2009


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We were talking about perfection and someone mentioned Beethoven.. Beethoven is a good choice.. the different moods reflected in his music truly lift you and then throw you down in a way that shakes you and soothes you at the same time. What amazes one even more is that one of his most beautiful compositions, the Ninth Symphony was composed when he was almost entirely deaf! How can one do something so ‘perfect’ when the means, that most essential tool, needed to compose, revise and perfect the work itself is missing?
My “perfect” piece of music I have to say is the Concerto of Two Violins by J.S.Bach.  To me it is therapy and meditation and happiness at the same time.  No matter how upset I am.. if I am angry or if I am sad, this piece of music lifts my spirits bit by bit and then calms me down.  If I’m happy, it simply serves to increase this happiness and gives me a sense of spiritual well-being and content that is difficult to describe.  In short.. it soothes my soul – and its notes are the sinews of my heart. 
For perfection in art, I find Rodin to be the master.  Every muscle, every vein, is sculpted with uttermost detail in marble, stone, or bronze.. the beauty and sensuality of his works are heartlifting.
And as for animals, I find the horse to be an image or a symbol of God’s perfection on earth.  Their beauty touches me deeply.  
I like this idea of looking for perfection.. it makes us look at the world in a different way.

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